Me being interviewed by CKWS TV (a local news program in Kingston, ON) on the annual Queen’s Northern Research Symposium I helped organize in 2016 (photo by Sean Arruda).

I’ve been lucky enough to have my PhD research featured in the media a few times.  Here are some examples.

  1. In summer 2015, I was interviewed for a PoLAR voices podcast with my supervisor, Ryan Danby and labmate, Daz Kambo.  We spoke about the general difficulties associated with predicting northern vegetation change and about some of our specific findings in southwest Yukon.  Link.
  2. I was also interviewed about my research in summer 2015 by Océan Télévision for a series called “Canada Plus Grand Que Nature”.  We appear in Part 4 of 4 (on the Kluane Lake Research Station) in Season 2, Episode 10. Link.